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Keyword donut shops that sell coffee in manchester
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No. Of Results3850000
# Keyword Heading Repeat Score Heading
doughnut doughnut 1 64.653422796072 h5
siop siop shop, tib street. 1 10.235231873691 h2
why choose why choose doughnut time? h2
doughnut doughnut academy . 1 64.653422796072 h2
features features. 1 h2
shop shop. 1 23.273536015257 h2
donut donut wall. 1 41.031687370957 h4
menu menu. 1 7.7288444931577 h2
read read again: motherload: the baker behind instagram's favourite croissant. 1 5.3416407864999 h3
great great north pie co opens 'pie and mash cafe' at kampus. 1 5.251177476435 h2
siop siop shop. 1 10.235231873691 h2h3
gooey gooey . 1 7.9461524227066 h2
krispy krispy kreme manchester trafford retail parkservices and facilities. 1 5.267009595552 h2
food food & drink. 1 21.995143272186 h3h3
Question bundobust does meat? the vegetarian restaurant's new menu. 1 h2
Question city liquors? head to tipples of manchester. 1 h2
Question what's the weather like in manchester? 1 h2