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We have a massive amount of experience of diverse copywriting projects. In this section of the website we share some of the most important aspects of successful copywriting. You can learn:

  • What great copy and content look like;
  • How to work with a company like us;
  • How Google interprets content;
  • Answers to important questions.
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Guide To How A Copywriting Company Can Help You Grow

Effective copy and content are key to SEO, brand and social success. This guide outlines how to engage a copywriting partner to facilitate growth.

  • What is Copywriting?
  • Who is a Copywriter?
  • Why does your business need a Copywriter?
  • When should you hire a Copywriter?
  • Where can you find a Copywriter?
  • How do you measure Copywriter Effectiveness?

Today's business landscape is vastly different from what obtained decades before, and it continues to evolve.

Today's business climate requires you to be deliberate about every aspect of your business. You are forced to question how effective your present approach is, and to quickly make adjustments.

I spend a long time studying the precedents. I look at every advertisement which has appeared for competing products during the past 20 years. - David Ogilvy

Avoid the temptation to believe your biggest competition is the biggest company in your industry. History is replete with news of yesterday's giants gone extinct. Big businesses have every reason to respect and study the startups and seeming misfits in their industry.

Your business can grow and quickly become relevant, even if you have limited opportunities.

The internet and its plethora of online tools (paid and free) have liberalised business operations.

Words like content, SEO, content marketing, and copywriting are no longer mere buzzwords, they have become the soul of business and key elements in growth strategy.

We will first consider what most business owners think when they start a business. What you find is a very linear approach of:

  • Set up a shop
  • Produce goods
  • Employ traditional advertising methods
  • Sell goods

Then, we will present what they could instead think of before starting a business:

  1. Assess the need for a product
  2. Create buzz around a product
  3. Identify segments of the target market

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You need to create a buzz around your product or service.

It's like having mosquitoes sing in your ear.

It's unpleasant but just enough to distract you from anything else.

If you feel you have a good chance, you swathe in an attempt to kill it.

A great product or service needs to be heard of.

People practically live online these days.

Why not make sure your product finds them before a bad product does?

A poor product and clever buzz can make more money than anyone can know.

Copy is what sells goods and services on the web.

When a person types something into Google's search box, they are essentially saying “whatever has these words in it has my attention.”

Copywriting and copywriters are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity and will help your business grow.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the texts of advertisements or publicity material.

It involves using words to make people respond in a desired manner.

For your product to succeed on the web, you have to throw in words that work in your copy.

You have to throw in the right words because mere words are not powerful.

Right words are powerful.

Eugene Schwartz famously said “There is your audience. There is the language. There

are the words that they use.”

David Ogilvy echoes his words with greater depth: “If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.”

This simply means the same set of words do not work the same way for everyone.

Then I write the headline. As a matter of fact I try to write 20 alternative headlines for every advertisement. And I never select the final headline without asking the opinion of other people in the agency. In some cases I seek the help of the research department and get them to do a split-run on a battery of headlines. -David Ogilvy

Copywriting focuses on getting particular outcomes using words which are called keywords.

Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is one who uses specific words to derive specific outcomes.

The copywriter begins his work by ensuring he has a comprehensive list of the language of the target audience.

Your potential customers speak in a particular way.

They use certain words which you have to use as a compass for them to find their way to you.

Eugene Schwartz says: “One hour a day, read. Read everything in the world except your business. Read junk. Very much junk. Read so that anything that interests you will stick in

your memory. Just read, just read, just read…”

His whole point is, understand your audience.

The copywriter ensures he understands your customers before telling them anything, exactly how they wish to hear it and you need one to create and grow awareness, boost sales, continually engage socially, and to nurture relationships.

I am helpless without research material—and the more "motivational" the better. -David Ogilvy

Ever wondered why propaganda works?

The words used are the right words that connect with the hearer.

The right words can do wonders.

Why does your business need a Copywriter?

If you have ever bought an item because you saw an ad, you connected with the words.

This is the effect of good copy.

Partnering a reputable copywriting company is an investment with solid returns.

The following business outcomes should make you engage a copywriting company:

    1. Attract more customers through lead generation
    2. Keep existing customers happy (and coming back for more)
    3. Strengthening the value of your business services
    4. Enhanced website user experience (UX)
    5. Compelling website content
    6. Be just a click away through effective SEO strategies

The typical process the copywriting firm will take with your project will include:

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    1. Effective research of customer-focused keywords and your industry in general. Then, they will skilfully identify your brand voice.This is necessary for the next step of
    1. Telling your brand story. Sharing the benefits through your brand story can help whet a customer’s appetite for your brand.In telling this story, copywriters will typically
    1. Write the way you talk. There will be vivid traits of informality in the tone and language used.At this point, a decision on
    1. The person (first, second, or third) to write in is decided. This is a tricky hurdle.

But your copywriting partners will ensure a good understanding of the average client persona.All voices are effective in different scenarios.The second person has a significant impact on readers.It easily leads to a conversational style.

When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter on behalf of your client.-David Ogilvy

All this happens before deciding on how to

    1. Present the stand-out offer using most effective copy. Copy employed must fit all marketing purposes.

The benefits of your brand are displayed as much as possible.This keeps the customer engaged.The product or service must naturally nestle in the mind of the customer as the ultimate solution to some problem or a must-have in the worst case.

A conversational tone is most effective even if the content is formal, educational, or corporate.The copywriter’s goal is to present what sales professionals call your unique value proposition (USP) in a recognisable and unmistakable tone of voice.This tone will help you stand out within your industry and win you a sustainable business funnel.

When should you hire a Copywriter?

You clearly know your business in and out and are great at writing.

But these two qualities alone do not guarantee you the same success that only seasoned copywriters can provide to your brand.

Trying to write your content yourself will require a rigour you may not be able to provide without neglecting other core business responsibilities.

I am terrified of producing a lousy advertisement. This causes me to throw away the first 20 attempts. -David Ogilvy

By hiring a copywriting company, you are essentially delegating a key part of the business to the people you can trust–a sign of assured leadership.

Beyond time, you need a solid content strategy that will bring the desired growth.

We are well-positioned to be your choice writing partner.

Copywriters are dedicated to understanding your clients and their language, carefully crafting messages that invite them to take actions that bring you profit.

Successful copywriting companies do not merely look at words. They are refineries, constantly putting words to the test and enhancing their value.

Copywriters maximise the effectiveness and profitability of words and position them carefully in copy.

Where can you find and engage a trusted copywriting company?

Understand that your business will continuously be built on your ability to sustain your trust quotient with your customers.

You need to keep persuading them that there is no better brand than yours in your industry.

Rest on your oars and the competition will easily eat into your profits and market share.

The endless job of persuasion means creating reams of relevant content with compelling copy.

This is surely not a job for one person.

That is why you need to engage and partner with a trusted copywriting company that gives you access to tested and dedicated copywriters.

These writers will focus on the types of content that your business requires.

Before writing copy, I write down every conceivable fact and selling idea. Then I get them organized and relate them to research and the copy platform. -David Ogilvy

Niche identification, keyword research, industry research, and assessing the competition are all steps that cannot be skipped while writing a piece of content.

Use Google to find a trusted copywriting company.

Request for samples of the past work and current clientele of the company you intend to work with to know what it can offer your brand.

How do you measure Copywriter Effectiveness?

A good copywriter always tests his copy.Low conversion is the result of badly-written copy.

Other problems with copy can include:

    1. The low number of leads from a landing page;
    2. The high number of unqualified leads;
    3. Crazy bounce rates;
    4. Emails going to spam;
    5. Low email open rate;
    6. Few clicks on email links;
    7. Low engagement on a page, and a high exit rate;
    8. Few visitors getting to cart;
    9. High time on a page at checkout, yet paid conversions are low.

A combination of copy, design, and UX can fix these issues.

Data can be used to accurately assess what your copywriters are doing and their overall impact on your business.

This analysis will be in two phases:

  1. 1. Pre-publishing

Parameters measured here include:

  • i. Readability Score: A measure of how easily copy is read and understood.

Writing about complex topics in a simple way keeps the audience engaged.This makes it easier to sell your message.There are tools and techniques to improve readability.

  • ii. SEO Score: This measures how easy it is to find your business online.

Even after improving readability, search engines should find your articles easily.Good SEO contributes to site traffic.SEO score can be assessed using:

  • a. Keyword density: The density of keywords changes according to the length of the content, the strength of the keyword, whether you’re linking internally or externally, and how well trusted your site is.
  • b. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords:These words are semantically related to your keyword, and amplify the keyword’s impact.
  • c. Keyword placement: Ensure you have your keyword in the opening, closing, title, and Meta description.
  • d. Length: Longer posts rank higher on search engines. Ensure that your posts have depth and are around 3,000 words.
  1. 2. Post-publishing

Once content goes live, you need to measure:

  • i. Traffic: You need to see people troop to your site. The key sources of traffic are:
  • a. Organic traffic: If your content is optimised, the search engines will rank your site favourably. Your copywriting service could use this as a key performance indicator for copywriters in search engine optimisation and positioning.
  • b. Referral traffic: The more your content is cited, linked to, or shared, the more it grows in popularity. Clever collaboration and content promotion on other sites can make this work well.
  • c. Direct traffic happens when people type or paste links into their browser, bookmarks, and internal sources. It accounts for traffic whose source can’t be determined.

Google Analytics can help you measure traffic in many ways. You can easily pinpoint:

  1. a. Traffic Sources with excellent visualisations.
  2. b. Keywords Searched so you know exactly what they searched to find you. This will reveal the power of your LSI keywords.
  3. c. Unique Visitors tell you how many actually visited and the total count of repeat visitors.
  4. d. Pageviews revealshow many other articles or pages a visitor clicked on after the article took them to your website.
  5. e. Time On Site indicates how engaging and compelling your content really is.

  • ii. Social Shares: People love to share good and engaging content.

Anyone who sees the shared article is likely to click and read it. It is a great yardstick to measure content popularity. Social sharing via Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, and Retweets, makes content travel faster and farther in less time than on the search engines alone.The common tracking tools are:

  1. a. SocialMetricsPro,a WordPress plugin; and
  2. b. Social share counter plugins

  • iii. Comments: If your content gets comments, people are aware of your brand.

More than that, they are connecting with you. Comments are not always positive. Prepare for that. Comments are instant opinions on your content (not necessarily its quality). Ask for feedback via email or social media. You can use negative feedback to your advantage. Recommended tools for managing comments are Discus and KYA.Disqus tracks your following and offers growth strategies, while KYA’s analytical comments section summarises audience engagement on- and off-site with a post score.

  • iv. Opt-In and Conversion Rates: This is the real test of content effectiveness.

A copywriting company looks out for these.Good content drives profitable action.This action can be:

  • a. Sign-ups for email lists
  • b. Downloading stuff
  • c. Buying something from you

The seasoned copywriter always asks: “Is copy action-oriented?”He checks if content is written in the active voice.People must do something in response to copy.Otherwise, it is pointless. It should convert. Readers must go from passive to active participants.Measure the conversion of content by calculating the ratio of readers in the audience to eventual purchasers/subscribers.Use Google Analytics (for blog conversion) and a landing page (from which you can measure click-through rates) to assess conversion numbers.

We have provided a few tools you can use to analyse different metrics.

The reputable copywriting company you hire will create a process analysis of your own site, your objectives, and how best to use these tools to match those objectives.

These are things you cannot afford to gloss over.

Conversion numbers and other more qualitative factors like readability and social sharing weigh differently depending on what stage your business is.

Your copywriting company will have the full responsibility for your content, based on the tools you provide to ensure that content matches your expectations.

Give your copywriting company clear goals and outcomes to work with.

I write out a definition of the problem and a statement of the purpose which I wish the campaign to achieve. Then I go no further until the statement and its principles have been accepted by the client. -David Ogilvy

Several objectives can be met in one piece of content.Have a Plan, then Build!

A great copywriting company does not simply write.It anticipates and responds to changes. Fulfilling the brief is one small part of the process.For your business to grow, you need to build a relationship with your copywriters.The tools you have at your disposal will help you amass data as you create more content.Let these tools also inform and shape your approach.Always share your data with your copywriters.Make recommendations you feel can improve their performance.Your copywriting partner is committed to your success.Engage a copywriting company today, and watch your business flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

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